Face ID

Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out

After five failed attempts with the 'wrong' face, Apple's Face ID system will fall back to asking a passcode; a tricky situation for investigators.
Joseph Cox
forensic science

Bite-Mark Matching Falsely Imprisoned These Men For Rape and Murder

The claim that a suspect's teeth can be matched to a mark on a body is junk forensic science, but it still put innocent people in jail.
Shayla Love
sexual assault

Public Hospitals in NYC Have Destroyed Over 800 Rape Kits Since 2012

New York has no statute of limitations for reporting rape—but public hospitals are only required to keep rape kits for 30 days. Because of this loophole, advocates say, victims still have an unfairly small window for seeking justice.
Vanessa Nason
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A Campus Bike Cop Shut Down a Hot Dog Vendor and Took His Cash for Evidence

"Yep, this is law and order in action," the officer says in a video taken of the incident.
Drew Schwartz

Gloriously Nostalgic Photos of 1970s LA

We spoke to photographer Mike Mandel about curatorship, archives, and his new book, 'People in Cars.'
Bruno Bayley
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Pentagon Posted a Video from 2007 to Prove the Raid in Yemen Was Successful

The military took it down a few hours later after realizing the mistake, saying it had not been properly analyzed.
Brian Moylan

PREMIERE: Big Twins and Twiz the Beat Pro Tap Evidence and Alchemist for "Take Away the Lies"

The Infamous Mobbster gets busy with the help of some old friends.
Craig Jenkins

8 Video Artists Tackle Collective Memory and Hidden Truths

'Evidence' is a new exhibition at DNA Berlin that reinterprets ideas of "history" through the lens of video art.
Anya Tchoupakov

The Fight to Unmuzzle Canada's Scientists

Can voters in this fall's election be convinced that science matters as much as ISIS and the economy?
Stephen Buranyi

How's the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Going?

Dr. Ragbir Bhathal, who leads Australia's Optical SETI project, thinks if there is extraterrestrial life out there, we may be just a generation or two away from finding it.
Hannah Scholte

Some Guy in Adelaide Showed Me Evidence of Time Travel on His Ancient Computer

He told me about a Windows 95 CD-Rom disk that he can prove was taken back and somehow booted up in ancient Egypt.
Mat Drogemuller

Silk Road Trial: Here Are Ross Ulbricht's Chat Logs and Journal

The court has released the conversations and journal allegedly found on the accused Silk Road operator's laptop.
Kari Paul