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Snoop Dogg is Banned—The Community That Reinvented 'Def Jam: Fight for NY'

An under-appreciated piece of fighting game history gets some overdue respect thanks to the fans that never let it die.
Ian Walker
Soul Calibur VI

'Soulcalibur VI' is a Return to Fighting Form

'Soulcalibur VI' moves the series forward by offering a furious, albeit beginner-friendly clash of fighting styles.
Eric Van Allen
Dragon Ball Z

How the FGC Is Prepping for 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' and a Lot of New Blood

Developer Arc System Works wants its new fighter to rate in the competitive world of the Fighting Game Community.
Marc Shaw
Way of the Passive Fist

This Retro Brawler Lets You Customize the Difficulty to Suit Your Style

More games should steal these options from 'The Way of the Passive Fist'
Danielle Riendeau
Demetrious Johnson

UFC Champ Demetrious Johnson on Fighting Games, Streaming, and Fans

We play ‘Battlegrounds’ and interview the 11-time flyweight champion.
Danielle Riendeau

Undocumented Immigrants Describe Life Under DACA, and How Games Helped Them

America's immigration system is broken, and one of its few lifelines may soon disappear, causing stress and anguish for those whose lives were changed by DACA.
Patrick Klepek
Fighting Games

Why Combo Breaker Is the Place to Fall in Love With Fighting Games

We head to the Midwest’s premier fighting game tournament to mingle with faithful fans and fighters.
William Barboza
EVO 2017

CM Punk and His Dog Just Tried to Cheer Up the FGC's Punk About Losing EVO

Even Daigo couldn't parry that underbite.
Rob Zacny

It's EVO 2017, 'Splatoon 2,' and 'Kingdom Hearts' Shade on Waypoint Radio

Tetsuya Nomura, you're on blast.
Patrick Klepek
EVO 2017

The Echo Fox Teamkill in 'Tekken 7' Was One of EVO's Best Moments

It took a few games, but once JDCR figured out his teammate's play style, their fight turned into a beating.
Rob Zacny

What the World of Fighting Games Looks Like the Eve of Its Biggest Event

Each game showcased at Evolution is its own world, reflecting myriad communities. This is what to watch for when they clash in Vegas.
Josh Melnick
Fighting Games

How Devs and Fans Are Making It Easier Than Ever to Get Into Fighting Games

Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and other fighting franchises are incredibly rewarding—but also very hard to learn.
Marc Shaw