Fridge Tours


Chef Chris Oh Keeps a Frozen Egg McMuffin in the Fridge for 'Hangover Emergencies'

The chef of Chingu Hawaii and Seoul Sausage Co also has strong feelings about condiments for Spam and the ideal way to reheat pizza.


Maison Premiere's Jacob Clark Has a Fridge Full of Polish Pickles and a Mystery Flask

You like condiments? This man's got condiments.


Momofuku's Josh Pinsky Loves Meat Pinwheels and Wish-Bone Italian Dressing

"I would love to be the brand ambassador. I hope they reach out."


Greg Baxtrom of Brooklyn's Olmsted Likes to Snack on Cold Cuts and Entire Ice Cream Cakes

The chef of Prospect Heights' beloved neighborhood spot keeps his fridge and cabinets Patrick Bateman-levels of organized.


Naomi Pomeroy Is the Self-Proclaimed Condiment Queen

The award-winning chef and cookbook author has a deep and abiding affection for mustard and Kewpie mayonnaise.


The Owners of Portland's Kachka Say Adulthood Comes with a Second Fridge

In Bonnie Frumkin Morales' first fridge: preserves and breakfast burrito ingredients. In the second: booze.


Ava Gene's Joshua McFadden's Fridge Is Full of Fancy Water and Fermented Things

Can an unopened jar of chocolate spread be "art"?


Sam Smith of Portland's Tusk Keeps His Shroom Chocolates Next to the Laughing Cow

We snuck in while he was napping and took some photos.


Natasha Pickowicz Is Definitely Going to Finish All Those Kombuchas

The pastry chef of Flora Bar and Café Altro Paradiso rarely bakes at home, but keeps a whole carrot cake handy.