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It's Hard to Keep Returning to Video Game Apocalypses

The last regular Postscript column confronts its own ending.


The Mysterious "Board" in 'Control' Is One of the Game's Best, Most Unsettling Ideas

Depicting the labor-management divide across different planes of existence.


A Mysterious Cult Isn't Enough for the Repetitive 'Church in the Darkness'

A dynamic story leads to a frustratingly vague and meaningless game.


'A Short Hike' Takes a Nice Long Day to Reinvent the Walking Simulator

What happens when we focus on the joy of being rather than angst about meaning.


'Hotline Miami' Showed the Futility of Ultra-Violence as Critique

After a decade of games asking what kind of person commits video game violence, returning to Hotline shows that we need new questions.


Area 51 Nostalgia Yearns for a Time When Evil Had to Hide

Games, conspiracy culture, and what we glimpse beneath the veil of constructed realities.


'Project Winter' Is the Best Game About Betrayal This Year

All of the broken friendships of Mafia or Werewolf, with a dash of snowbound horror.


Underwater Video Games Ignore the Perilous State of Our Collapsing Oceans

In games, the ocean is often beautiful, sometimes terrifying, but rarely threatened by environmental catastrophe as our own is.


'Mordhau' Is the Most Fun I've Ever Had Dying

If you strike me down, I shall only laugh about it.


'Don't Wake the Night' Tackles Morality Better Than Any AAA Game

Inspired by Paraguayan folklore, it's a game about the intersection of community and consequences.


Years Later, the Ending of 'Dragon's Dogma' Remains Wonderfully Weird and Subversive

You know that fantasy epic about breaking the cycle of power you were looking for? Well...


After 'Avengers: Endgame,' the MCU Has a Chance to Get Riskier

The status quo has been completely upended. What now? Warning: Spoilers ahead.