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Don’t Work 80 Hours a Week for Elon Musk, or Anyone

Musk claims "nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week." Not only is that totally wrong, it's a trademark of boss exploitation.
Rick Paulas
Late Capitalism

This Is How People Can Actually Afford to Live in Seattle

"If I was trying to save money and live where I live, I literally couldn’t go out and do anything.”
Matt Pentz
Late Capitalism

You're Probably Not Getting That Loan Forgiveness You're Counting On

Out of almost 30,000 people who applied for a forgiveness program, just 96—less than 1 percent—had their debt erased. And it gets worse.
Allie Conti
Late Capitalism

The Rich People in Your City Have Even More Money Than You Think

A fresh report shows in terrifying detail how we're living in a "new Gilded age."
Allie Conti
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Dear Obama, Spare Us the Lectures

His speech on democracy and capitalism sounded like a laundry list of all the ways liberal elites failed America and made Trump possible.
Matt Taylor
Late Capitalism

Goldman Sachs Is Worried Your Rising Pay Will Hurt Rich People

The latest reminder that American capitalism is in a dark, dark place.
Matt Taylor

It’s No Accident Americans Are Still Broke in a Booming Economy

A new study shows exactly how badly you're getting screwed, and why.
Matt Taylor

People Can't Pay Rent, Debt Is Insane, and the Economy Is Somehow 'Great'

Decades of the government helping the rich are coming home to roost.
Matt Taylor

A Massive Strike Is Actually Working

A weeklong holdout over teacher pay that seemed to end after the Republican governor made major salary promises dragged into Thursday. It could resonate in November and beyond.
Mason Adams

Corporate America Celebrated Tax Cuts by Laying Off Workers

Don't let a twisted and dishonest PR scheme by massive companies grateful for Trump's huge Christmas present distort the truth.
David Dayen
Criminal Justice

Parents Forced to Pay for Their Kids' Jail Time Are Getting Refunds

In California, families were billed for their kids' incarceration—even when they were innocent. Now some of them are getting checks in the mail.
Eli Hager

Will Democrats Finally Start Listening to Black Women in 2018?

Progressives of color want to get as much attention as the Democrats give the white working class.
Talmon Joseph Smith