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Satanists vs. Republicans: A Battle for Abortion Rights Rages in Missouri

This week, a Missouri appeals court heard oral arguments from the Satanic Temple, who claim the state's abortion restrictions are a violation of their religious freedom.
Callie Beusman

'Cum Rags for Congress': Satanists Protest Texas Abortion Law with Semen Socks

In response to Texas' absurd fetus funeral rule, an activist from the Satanic Temple is encouraging people to send items coated in semen (or semen-like substances) to Governor Greg Abbott.
Callie Beusman

Devil's Advocates: The Satanic Temple's Fight to Protect Your Abortion Rights

Amidst rising violence and an onslaught of clinic closures, the Satanic Temple is fighting to protect women's right to safe and legal abortion. We followed Satanic activists from across the country to find why.
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Satan Is Pro-Choice, So Is Jex Blackmore

Satanic Temple spokeswoman Jex Blackmore engages in what she calls "political theater," much of which focuses on abortion access.
Callie Beusman

'The Witch' Is a Kick in the Balls of Patriarchy

The eagerly awaited, terrifying movie about Puritans and the occult is also a story about empowerment.
Jenni Miller
reproductive rights

This Satanic Temple Leader Is Blogging Her Abortion

Jex Blackmore, the director of the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple, started a blog to tell her abortion story and provide much-needed information about the process that no one talks about.
Gabby Bess