Scientists Reveal Hidden Genetic Processes that Cause Sex Changes in Fish

The bluehead wrasse uses a "best of both worlds" mating strategy that involves morphing from female to male.


Female runners with high testosterone must take hormone suppressants to compete, sports court rules

The decision marks the end of a nearly yearlong battle between South African gold medalist Caster Semenya and the International Association of Athletics Federations.


How Coming Out as Trans Affects a Relationship

Four months ago, while on vacation, Anja returned to her room to find her boyfriend, Tim, trying on her underwear. "Would you still be together with me if I were a girl?" he asked.


DJ Mag Have Forgotten That Women Can DJ Again

The magazine's 25th anniversary edition features an all male lineup of "pioneering DJs."


Maldives Declares State of Emergency After Discovery of Alleged Assassination Plot

With tensions already running high in the Indian Ocean island nation, authorities issued the decree after allegedly discovering explosives near the president's home and a central mosque in the capital city this week.


Jamaica's Famous Aphrodisiac Soup Got Me High, But Didn't Get Me Off

Mannish water, the classic Jamaican dish made from the balls and meat of a male goat, claims to leave a man with loins burning so hard, he’ll need to call an ambulance. I recently tried some that got me pretty hyped-up.


Apparently Men’s Brains Are Hardwired to Choose Sex Over Food

Studying the brain cells of nematode worms, researchers from University College London concluded that neurons in male brains may be programmed to prioritise sex over the desire to eat food.


A Doctor in Serbia Plans to Change Her Gender to Protest Retirement Law

The doctor is being forced into retirement because she turned 60, the age at which women must retire in Servia. Men can work until they're 65.


I Went on a Date with Everyone’s Crush, Natalie Imbruglia

A first date with the "Torn" singer and my dream woman.


'Rust' Players Don't Mind Being Women—So Long as They're Hot

You don't get what you want. You get what you get and you have to learn how to deal with it and survive.


'Dope' Tricks Moviegoers into Seeing Young Black Men as More Than Stereotypes

Despite some flaws, the film does a great job defying the prejudice that plagues black youth.


Acute Water Shortage Leads to State of Emergency in the Maldives

Several countries are transporting water and other aid to the Indian Ocean nation, but climate change could prove to be its greatest long-term challenge.