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Opinion: Pride Has Betrayed Us

Trans women of color were being murdered before the gay rights movement, and are still being murdered today. Pride has never paid attention.
Diana Tourjée
Trans Legends

Victoria Cruz on Life as a Trans Sex Worker in 70s New York

"The Black movement, and the women’s movement, was all up and going. And it was time for the gay movement to start." Legendary transgender activist Victoria Cruz reflects on the era of the Stonewall uprising.
Zackary Drucker

Marsha P. Johnson's LGBTQ Legacy Is About How She Lived Her Life, Too

In the film 'Happy Birthday, Marsha!' Tourmaline and Sasha Wortzel use the little archival information we have about Marsha P. Johnson to construct a story about the LGBTQ activist who helped kick off the Stonewall Riots.
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard
Rise Up

Marsha P. Johnson Was a Transgender Rights Pioneer Who Fought for LGBTQ Minorities

Johnson's pivotal role on the frontline of the Stonewall Riots, to establishing her own shelter for homeless queer youth, made her a POC and trans rights icon we should be thanking this Black History Month.
Aaron Barksdale

The Trans Rights Movement's Mothers Are Finally Getting Their Due

In 'The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson,' filmmaker David France illuminates the story of trans heroes ignored for far too long.
Manuel Betancourt

Queer Millennials Should Never Forget Edith Windsor's Name

The icon who fought for our right to marry passed away yesterday. She was unforgettable—and hopefully she'll remain that way, too.
Xorje Olivares