Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Milo Considers His Catalog of Rap Surrealism

The prolific rapper and producer plays favorites with the releases he's done as Milo and his alter-ego Scallops Hotel.
Phillip Mlynar

milo is Here to Tell You You’re Wrong about Rap Music

We meet up with the indie emcee in Los Angeles to discuss aging rappers, underground heroes, and his quest to do this shit harder than anyone else.
Will Schube

Stop Protesting the Alt-Right, Hate Group Watchdog Advises

The Southern Poverty Law Center released a guide for college students, warning that protests only give white nationalists the attention they so desperately crave.
Mitchell Sunderland
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Milo Yiannopoulos Got $12M to Start a Touring Company for Trolls

Milo Inc. sounds less like a right-wing media company and more like a Live Nation for vloggers who shout about globalism.
Allie Conti
Donald Trump

Why Drag Queens Are Imitating Kellyanne and Melania—but Not Ivanka

"Ivanka's only memorable 'look' was being wrapped in that $5000 foil dress, which not even the tackiest drag queen would wear," one drag queen explained.
Mitchell Sunderland

Trans Student Harassed by Milo Yiannopoulos Speaks Out

At an event at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee last month, the conservative writer launched into a vitriolic tirade against a trans student who had filed a complaint against the school for discrimination. In an interview with Broadly, she...
Diana Tourjée
Low End Theory

As LA's Beat Scene Evolves, Can Low End Theory Festival Survive?

LET Fest returned for a third year with fewer marquee names, but a fresh crop of rising young acts.
Max Bell
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Inside the Insane 'America First' Rally at the Republican National Convention

A conspiracy-mongering circus to celebrate the ascension of Donald Trump.
Allie Conti

Can't Shake It Off: How Taylor Swift Became a Nazi Idol

Nazis and members of the "alt-right" consider Taylor Swift an Aryan pop queen who is “red pilling” America into a race war through her pop hits.
Mitchell Sunderland
Scene Reports

Milwaukee's Best: The Wisconsin City Has Become a DIY Hip-Hop Haven

Brew City has never been a hip-hop destination, but a strong university arts scene and new sense of unity is changing that.
Tara Mahadevan

Use the Milo Generator to Make Your Own Descendents Knock Off

Dan Ozzi
Longreads Or Whatever

Fly Like an (Open Mike) Eagle: Soaring with Rap's Comedic Genius

The LA art rapper is both hilarious and thoughtful, so what else does he have to do to get your ear?
Max Bell