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“I Am Honestly Scared to Death”: Small Abortion Clinics Are Fighting for Survival Over Trump’s New Abortion Rules

Independent abortion clinics' budgets were slashed after being driven from the only federal program dedicated to family planning.


"Go Home, Start Exercising:" Trump Fat-Shamed Someone at His Rally

It's not clear if Trump was even insulting the right person.


Marianne Williamson Knows You Think She's a Joke. But Her Campaign Isn't.

Like it or not, we're going to see a lot more of Marianne Williamson on the debate stage.


New Hampshire Lawmakers Abolished the Death Penalty. The Governor Isn't Happy.

“I am incredibly disappointed that the Senate chose to override my veto," Gov. Chris Sununu said.


Democrats Need a Candidate Who Will Talk Straight About the Planet's Future

The 2020 primary will be about Trump and healthcare, but Democrats will also need to confront environmental issues from clean water to climate change.


Teacher Arrested for Cramming His Kid Inside a Claw Machine to Rob It

Middle school teacher Anthony Helinski is now facing a string of criminal charges, including child endangerment and theft.


Wave goodbye to the country's only all-female congressional delegation

More women than ever are running for political office. Sign up for our newsletter following them.


Planet Fitness's 'Judgement Free Zone' Doesn't Cover Guys Doing Naked Yoga

Police arrested a guy at a Planet Fitness gym over his naked yoga routine.


Bernie Sanders colluded — with the Australian Labor Party

The Australian Labor Party paid for volunteers to fly across the globe to volunteer on Sanders' campaign.


Here Are the House Seats Where Democrats Could Be in Trouble

As the Democrats try to take back the House this year, they'll have to make sure they don't lose ground in these key races.


Jeff Sessions' war on weed isn't stopping states from trying to legalize it

Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn’t want states to legalize weed, but states don’t seem to care.


When Loving Thy Neighbor Means Saving Them from Deportation

How one church is struggling against the Trump administration's policies.