New Mexico Taqueria Faces Criticism for Cringeworthy Trump-Themed Menu

Urban Taqueria has only been open for six weeks, but it's already generating attention for its dishes with names like "No Collusion" and "Lock Her Up."


Five Burger King Workers Fired After Allegedly Drawing Cartoon Pig on Cop's Burger

Since the photo of his meal went viral, the officer has appeared on 'Fox & Friends' and received an over-the-top apology from Burger King.


Church Rock, America’s Forgotten Nuclear Disaster, Is Still Poisoning Navajo Lands 40 Years Later

Residents say they've been ignored even as they struggle with contaminated water and worry about having children.


That armed militia at the border in New Mexico is calling it a day

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Border militia leader has been on FBI radar since 2017 for allegedly plotting assassinations

The leader of the United Constitutional Patriots claimed he was training his group to assassinate Obama and Clinton


An armed militia is rounding up migrants and forcing them into border patrol custody

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Arizona city officials want the Army to remove the "inhuman" razor wire it installed on the border wall

"It’s not good for business. It’s not good for what we’re trying to create: a business-friendly community here in Nogales,” the mayor said


New Mexico governor pulls National Guard troops from border in rebuke of Trump’s “fearmongering”

The decision was made a few hours before Trump’s State of the Union address


This Guy Keeps Leaving Bags of Pee-Soaked Bologna on Neighbors' Doorsteps

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911 is going in and out for at least 10 states

Officials said the emergency hotline would be fixed Thursday night.


How Texas' oil fracking boom tore a "highway of death" through this tiny town

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Vince Gilligan Is Cooking Up a 'Breaking Bad' Movie

And it starts production this month.