Obama's New Documentary Is Great. It Also Reveals Why He's Out of Touch

'American Factory' on Netflix is a solid film, but Obama's message of finding common ground in an uneven labor dispute ignores working people's realities.
Zeeshan Aleem

Cleveland Cop Arrested and Suspended After He Allegedly Urinated on 12-Year-Old Girl and Filmed It

Solomon Nhiwatiwa is accused of assaulting the girl as she waited for a school bus.
Emma Ockerman
Mass Shooting

Even 31 Dead Might Not Get "Red Flag" Gun Laws Passed in Ohio and Texas

But President Donald Trump wants them.
Carter Sherman
Mass Shootings

Dayton Shooter Allegedly Killed His Own Sister In Addition to 8 Other Victims

Newly-released surveillance video shows the chaos as the suspect started shooting.
Emma Ockerman
Mass Shootings

Nine People Killed in Dayton Mass Shooting Hours After El Paso Massacre

Nine people were killed at 26 injured in Dayton just hours after the massacre in El Paso.
David Gilbert
stormy daniels

The Cops Who Arrested Stormy Daniels at a Strip Club Could Be Fired

Within hours of Daniels’ arrest, all charges were dropped because she didn’t regularly appear at the club.
Kelly Vinett
climate change

Trump Downplayed His Love of Coal. It's Because He Needs Florida.

"Trump’s re-election campaign is really a Florida-first strategy."
Alex Lubben

Ohio's "Heartbeat" Law Just Got Blocked

The law would have banned abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, before most women know they’re pregnant.
Carter Sherman
Abortion Rights

So-Called "Heartbeat Bills" Are a Lie, and Doctors Want You to Stop Calling Them That

The science behind laws banning abortion after a fetal "heartbeat" is detected is inaccurate.
Emma Ockerman
food news

Ohio's Liquor Laws Won't Let This Restaurant Have Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Good Company in Cleveland claims it couldn't pass inspection unless it added M and W labels to the bathroom doors.
Bettina Makalintal
Weather warning

Watch an Ohio Weatherman Unload on "Bachelorette" Fans

He had the audacity to interrupt their show with severe tornado warnings
Trone Dowd

We've Now Had 12 Straight Days of Tornadoes in the U.S.

At least 8 tornadoes have touched down every day for the last 12 days.
David Gilbert