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Iraqi citizens are still suffering after ISIS was pushed out

Iraqi citizens are still suffering after ISIS was pushed out
Sean Stephens

Iraq's military has retaken half of Mosul from ISIS

Tim Hume
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Step inside a just-liberated ISIS base

The terrorists fled so hastily that they left weapons and documents behind.
Seb Walker
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Former CIA chief David Petraeus: “The Islamic State knows they are going to lose”

"There will be suicide bombers. There will be improvised explosive devices in the road. There will be car bombs," the former CIA director told VICE News.
Joshua Hersh
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Inside the march to recapture Mosul

Aris Roussinos
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David Petraeus Says ISIS Fighters in Mosul Are 'Dead Men Walking'

We sat down with the retired four-star general and former head of the CIA to discuss why the fight to retake Mosul is so important to ending ISIS's hold on Iraq on this episode of 'VICE News Tonight.'
VICE Staff

What Muslims Fighting ISIS in the Middle East Say About Trump

Some hate him for his rhetoric, while others cheer the Republican nominee as the surest way to see America bite the dust.
Sulome Anderson
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ISIS is still holding nearly 2,000 Yazidi women as slaves

Since the Islamic State swept into Sinjar in August, 2014, the women have been treated as property of the group's fighters, who marry, trade, or sell them.
Benjamin Gilbert
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Attacked by ISIS on the road to Mosul

VICE News followed Kurdish Peshmerga forces as they launched an offensive against the Islamic State along a vital route to Mosul.
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Islamic State claims bombing that killed nearly 50 people in Syria's Kurdish region

The attack, which consisted of a motorcycle and truck bombing, took place in the Kurdish city of Qamishli near the Turkish border early Wednesday morning.
Olivia Becker

What It's Like to Fight ISIS in Iraq as a Westerner

Mike, a 54-year-old dance teacher from England, spent six months in Iraq battling the Islamic State. We spoke to him about his time there and how he thinks the battle can be won.
Matt Blake

The Legendary Tribe That's Fought Everyone from the Ottomans to ISIS

The centuries-old Hamawand tribe clashed with the Ottomans, the British, and Saddam. Now they're fighting the Islamic State—with American help.
Sulome Anderson