Scientists Built a Tiny Version of the Sun in Wisconsin

What we can learn about our star by using the 'Big Red Ball.'
Becky Ferreira

This Tabletop Gravitational Wave Detector Could Shed Light on Dark Matter

LIGO, the observatory that detected the first gravitational wave, stretches for miles. The Levitated Sensor Detector would fit in your living room.
Becky Ferreira

The Most Precise Atomic Clock Ever Could Change Our Understanding of Physics

Scientists have created a quantum logic clock more accurate than any clock ever made.
Madeleine Gregory

Scientists Map the Geometry of a Single Electron for the First Time

The new research could be useful for the development of spin-based quantum computers.
Becky Ferreira
This Week in Science

Your Choices Can Be Seen in Your Brain Before You’re Conscious of Them

This week in science: taking nutritional supplements can't prevent depression, a video of a droplet doing something you've never seen water do, and researchers predicted people’s choices before they made them.
Shayla Love

Watch Scientists Express Their Research in Interpretive Dances

Dancers performed as electrons, brain processes, and teaching tools.
Becky Ferreira

Scientists Made Plasma That Is 50 Times Colder Than Deep Space

Scientists have created a laser-cooled neutral plasma for the first time that will be used to simulate some of the hottest and most exotic matter in the universe.
Daniel Oberhaus
sexism in science

Physicist Wins $3 Million Prize for Discovering Pulsars, Donates it All to Promoting Diversity in STEM

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell says she has battled “imposter syndrome” at many points in her career as a physicist.
Natalie Fratto

Antarctic Neutrinos Are Being Used to Weigh the Earth’s Core

The tiny particles can also be used to map and measure the cosmos, but now they’re being used to weigh and study the least understood region of our planet.
Caroline Haskins
The Sun

Humanity Just Flew Closer to the Sun Than Ever Before

On Monday, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe passed within 26.55 million miles, breaking a record that has stood for 42 years.
Becky Ferreira
gerard mourou

Recent Nobel Prize Winner Is 'Profoundly Sorry' for 'Degrading' Video of Women

2018 Nobel Prize winner Gerard Mourou made a music video where female dancers tear off their lab coats.
Sarah Emerson
nobel prizes

Leon Lederman, Nobel-Winning Physicist Who Coined the Term 'God Particle,' Dead at 96

Lederman sold his Nobel Prize at auction for $765,000 in 2015 in order to pay for medical bills.
Kaleigh Rogers