Streaming Exclusives Could Double Piracy Rates, Study Warns

Annoying consumers with too many costly streaming options could backfire, survey suggests.


'The Office' Leaving Netflix Is Going to Drive Viewers Back to Piracy

It's a symptom of a new trend: There's simply too many streaming services, and too many exclusive shows to subscribe to them all.


Twitter Removed Links to News Stories That Mentioned Leaked TV Shows

Starz used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to force Twitter to kill tweets about its leaked episodes of 'American Gods.'


Music Industry Sues Major ISP In Bid to Kick Pirates Offline Permanently

If the music industry has its way, accused pirates could be kicked off the internet permanently based on what’s often flimsy evidence of guilt.


Studies Keep Showing That the Best Way to Stop Piracy Is to Offer Cheaper, Better Alternatives

Study after study indicates that overly-aggressive anti-piracy efforts don’t work, and the real solution lies in giving would-be pirates better, cheaper options.


Online Piracy Can Be Good for Business, Researchers Find

Ham-fisted attacks on internet pirates may actually be counterproductive, researchers warn.


Forget Netflix: Inside the Forums Where People Share Obscure Pirated Movies

It's difficult to draw the line between distributing essential, hard-to-find cultural relics and piracy.


Nintendo Sues Californian for Selling Modded NES Classic and Switch Hacks

This week Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Mikel Euskaldunak, who allegedly offered tools to help people run pirated games on their Nintendo Switch, as well as sold NES Classic consoles preloaded with more games.


'The Pirate Bay of Science' Continues to Get Attacked Around the World

After publishers sued Sci-Hub, Russian ISPs are now preventing users from accessing the valuable scientific data repository and paywall killer.


The Music Industry Asks US Government to Make 'Unauthorized Streaming' a Felony

The RIAA has also renewed calls for the government to consider 'website blocking' and filtering to stop music piracy.


How Pirated Versions of ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Leaked Weeks Before Release

“As far as Switch games go this is the biggest ever,” one Switch piracy community member said.