Hurricane Barry

Will New Orleans Protect Their Inmates During A Storm? Barry Is A Test After Katrina's Prison Disaster

During Katrina inmates were locked in cells filled with sewage-contaminated water.
Tess Owen

Kamala Harris Called Young People “Stupid” in 2015

How the senator talked about young people when she was California's top prosecutor.
Morgan Baskin

Stabbings, gang rapes, and rats: DOJ gives Alabama 49 days to fix "cruel and unusual" prisons

The DOJ released a scathing 56-page report on Wednesday that details the "deplorable conditions" in 16 Alabama prisons.
Tess Owen
prison reform

'Starving The Beast': The Women Working To Close a Misused Atlanta Jail

Marilynn Winn, a formerly incarcerated 68-year-old Black woman, wants to repurpose Atlanta City Detention Center into a wellness and freedom center for the local community.
Kimberly Lawson
prison reform

Here's what the prison reform bill actually does — and doesn't do

It's a watershed moment in prison reform. Now it's up to the states, which house more than 90% of U.S. inmates.
Tess Owen
The Weakest Link

‘This Is a War’: Prisons Want Cell Phone Jammers to Stop Inmates from Communicating With the Outside World

Prisons want jamming technology to stop criminal activity, but critics warn there would be dire consequences if jamming was allowed to propagate.
Cara Tabachnick

Florida's 1.5 million former felons just won the right to vote

Bipartisan support for Amendment 4, which restores voting rights to felons who have served their time.
Tess Owen
Criminal Justice

PHOTOS: Life on the streets of San Francisco through the lens of ex-inmates

Although free, these two men are still fighting to break free of the system.
Keegan Hamilton
hurricane michael

Families are still searching for prisoners evacuated after Hurricane Michael

"I just want to hear his voice," a mother says.
Tess Owen

Florida is evacuating inmates from prisons hammered by Hurricane Michael

Families are panicking because they cannot reach their loved ones.
Tess Owen
hurricane michael

Florida won't evacuate all of its inmates in the path of Hurricane Michael

With the storm poised to make landfall, officials say that evacuating those facilities is no longer an option.
Tess Owen

Irish Prison Inmates Snuck In Chinese Takeout Delivery by Drone

The Wheatfield staff has taken a number of steps to prevent Kung Pao chicken (and cocaine or whatever) from being dropped into the rec yard.
Jelisa Castrodale