• 7.31.16

      Inside a Fetish Kennel in Upstate New York

      A pup invited me to his sprawling "kennel" near the coast of Lake Ontario to photograph him wearing his functional fetish gear and get a rare look inside his pup haven.

    • 6.25.16

      Tender Photos of an NYC BDSM Street Festival

      At the annual fetish fair Folsom Street East in NYC, all of the kinksters came out to have some old fashioned fun in the sun, which, for a group used to dark bars, dingy hotel rooms, and makeshift dungeons, was a welcomed change of scenery.

    • 6.12.16

      Furries Explain How They Developed Their 'Fursonas'

      "Mukilteo was my first furry character, I had gotten this costume as a trade with another fursuit maker. This character is the bad dog. He wears a shock collar and he's a dog party advocate."

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