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Israel announced airstrikes against Iranian forces in Syria in real time on Twitter

“We have started striking Iranian Quds targets in Syrian territory.”
Tim Hume
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Russian Airstrikes Hit Aleppo as Rebels Resist Government Assault and Thousands Flee

Rebel groups have received shipments of US-made weapons, but some say it is not enough to counter the offensive.
Reuters and VICE News
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Australia is About to Start Sharing Intelligence With Iran — And The US Wants to Know Why

Australia's foreign minister came to an informal agreement with Iran that will focus largely on information about Australian citizens traveling to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State.
Scott Mitchell
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Iran Claims a US Drone Killed Two Revolutionary Guard Members Fighting the Islamic State in Iraq

The US has rejected allegations that a drone strike killed two Iranian advisers involved in the campaign to retake the Iraqi city of Tikrit from the Islamic State.
Samuel Oakford
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Publicity Blitz Hypes Iran-Backed Offensive Against Islamic State in Iraq

With varying degrees of accuracy, Iran wants you to know that it is helping to lead the charge against the Sunni terror group — both on the ground and in the world of social media.
Samuel Oakford
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Iran is Planning to Launch Major Military Exercises Next Week

Among other things, Iran is planning on testing several new conventional weapons including air defense systems, anti-armor missiles, and a wide array of other missile systems.
Ryan Faith
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Australia Has No Problem Working with Iran to Fight the Islamic State

A 200-strong Australian special forces detachment in Iraq could find itself cooperating with Iranian counterparts — and that's fine with Australian Defense Minister David Johnston.
Scott Mitchell

Here's Who Is Fighting in Iraq and Why

Working out the myriad hostilities, identities, and affiliations of the chaos in Iraq is no easy task. But here's some pointers.
Ryan Faith