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"All I Want for Christmas Is You" Is Still the Biggest, Best Holiday Song

A study by 'The Economist' says that Mariah Carey's classic rules Christmas streaming. It never left our hearts.
Phil Witmer
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T-Pain Allegedly Never Got Paid for Some of His Classic Lil Wayne Features

He's suing Cash Money Records for more than $500,000 in unpaid royalties for his production.
Phil Witmer
Bad Blood

Did Taylor Swift Weaponize Streaming Music Against Katy Perry?

After years of holding out, the pop princess released her full catalog on Spotify—the same day her rival Katy Perry's new album debuted.
Carl Franzen
Louise Matsakis
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Donald Trump Bought a Bunch of His Own Books with $55,000 of Campaign Money

The GOP nominee could be in a lot of trouble for purchasing thousands of copies of <i>Crippled America</i>.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Donald Trump Is Suing His Ghostwriter Because He Hurt His Feelings

"It's nuts and completely indicative of who he is."
VICE Staff
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This Heartbreaking Short Film Perfectly Depicts the Pain of Losing a Parent

We spoke to filmmaker Jim Cummings about his award-winning film 'Thunder Road' and how he got the rights to use the Springsteen classic that inspired it.
Jeffrey Bowers
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Spotify Reaches a Royalty Agreement with the National Music Publishers Association

It has made a settlement deal with the National Music Publisher's Association
Michael Scott Barron
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Spotify Hit With $150 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Royalties

Is it too late to say sorry?
THUMP Canada Staff

Why Did Sam Smith Agree To Split 'Stay With Me' Royalties with Tom Petty?

Time to get your musicology cap on.
David Garber

Songwriting Royalties Aren't Keeping Up in the Age of Subscription Streaming

A call-to-arms petition is making waves in the songwriting community.
Ziad Ramley

What SoundCloud’s Deal with Warner Music Really Means for Its Future

Don't be surprised if Twitter comes knocking again.
VICE Thump

Pioneer's New Technology Could Be Dance Music's Own NSA

Privacy advocates and up-and-coming DJs alike should think twice before adopting Pioneer's KUVO.
Ziad Ramley