This Theme Park Devoted to Ancient Aliens Really Makes You Think

One of the park's main attractions is a flight simulator that suggests Peru's Nazca Lines might be a landing strip for alien craft.


Coffee Is ‘Not Essential For Life,’ Says Swiss Government

Not sure how the Swiss, who drink almost ten pounds of coffee per person per year, feel about this one.


CERN’s New Collider Design Is Four Times Larger Than the LHC

If built, the Future Circular Collider will be 10 times more powerful than the Large Hadron Collider, and could discover new types of particles.


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American Cheese Obsessives Are 'Adopting' Alpine Cheesemakers to Preserve a Fading Tradition

“It seemed like a good way to get our hands on some obscure, off-the-beaten path cheese. What started as curiosity became an obsession."


Russian spies were caught plotting to hack the lab analyzing the Salisbury Novichok samples

The spies were thrown out of the Netherlands earlier this year.


What It's Like to Be Trapped in a Cave for Ten Days

Twelve teenage soccer players and their coach have been trapped in a cave in Thailand for two weeks. Lothar Emannuel Kaiser understands what they must be going through.


A Swiss Supermarket Accidentally Baked Swastika-Shaped Bread

Apparently it was supposed to be a windmill.


Switzerland's Metal Scene Is Its Best-Kept Secret

From Celtic Frost and Coroner to Zeal & Ardor, Eluveitie, and Schammasch, the Swiss metal scene is chock full of intriguing, technical talent.