3 days ago

How a Petty Tweet Became a Gig Economy Fairy Tale

“Every single person I know has side hustles. Millennials and Gen Z stay evolving.”

4 days ago

Twitter Is Joking About How Much it Knows About You

Dear Twitter, do you actually remember all our tweets?


People Want to Fuck the Joker

"I'm JORNY... Joker horny."


Twitter Took Phone Numbers for Security and Used Them for Advertising

This could make people think twice about using a phone number to secure their account at all.


How Twitter Sees Itself

Multiple current and former Twitter employees, including executives, explain how Twitter really positions itself and its responsibilities around moderating speech.


A Senior Twitter Exec Has Been Moonlighting in the British Army’s Information Warfare Unit

The bombshell revelation was right there on his LinkedIn page.


Civil War, Ed Henry, and Someone Named 'Joe': Trump's Wild Sunday on Twitter

In one of his 40-odd tweets of the day, he warned of "Civil War-like fracture" if he's impeached, quoting a Southern Baptist preacher with a history of anti-Semitic and anti-Islam remarks.


Which Columbia Professor Canceled Class Because They Poisoned Themselves With Cyanide? An Investigation

On Monday, a Columbia student tweeted that their professor canceled class because they poisoned themselves with cyanide. Here is our story.


Here's How Google Sends Advertising Dollars to Fake News Sites

New research shows Google’s online ad tech places ads on 70% of 1,700 sites purveying misinformation.


Twitter Is Asking Sex Workers If They’re Bots and Demanding Their Phone Numbers

After Twitter locked or limited a number of accounts owned by sex workers, users are wondering what's going on.


EXCLUSIVE: GOP Activists Just Formed a Dark Money Group to Go to War With Big Tech

The Internet Accountability Project is the brainchild of Mike Davis, who led the fight to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


Mark Ruffalo to Boris Johnson: Keep the Hulk's Name Out of Your Mouth

After the Prime Minister compared his Brexit strategy to the Hulk, Ruffalo dunked on him on Twitter.