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A Task Force Just Explained How to Cut the US Federal Prison Population

Criminal justice reformers won't exactly be shocked that a new report found mandatory-minimum sentences for drug crimes to be "the primary driver" of prison overcrowding.
Brian McManus
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LIVE: Watch the Pope Address Congress

Check out a stream of his historic speech right now.
River Donaghey
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The Water Illuminati Are Rallying Against the National Park Service’s Proposed Bottled Water Ban

Big Water won't let National Parks get away with preserving nature. Not this time.
River Donaghey

American Conservatives Are Using the Paris Shooting to Call for More War on Terror

In the wake of the attack, leading Republicans bashed Prsident Obama for being soft on national security.
Grace Wyler

Why Obama’s New International Climate Change Plan Is Probably Doomed

The president wants to name and shame the rest of the world into cutting carbon emissions, but that requires moral authority, which America sorely lacks these days.
Matt Taylor

Israel Is Killing Hundreds of Civilians in Gaza, and American Elites Don't Really Care

The mounting death toll and general suffering inflicted on civilians in Gaza is disconcerting. Somewhat lower on the "horrific” scale, but still pretty messed up, is the portrayal of the bloodshed in American media outlets.
Michael Tracey

All Politicians Should Talk as Much as Rand Paul Just Did

Yesterday was one of those rare days when you could feel good about something that happened in Congress: Rand Paul stood up just before noon, started talking about drones, and didn’t stop for 13 hours. He spoke at length about something he cares about...
Harry Cheadle