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The Office Supply Store in the House of Reps. Will Now Stock Tampons

With a record number of women in the 116th Congress, the House Administration Committee has started stocking menstrual products, which members of Congress can purchase with their federal allowances.
Marie Solis

Congressman Appears to Forget that Food Actually Is a Basic Human Right

The UN sort of settled this question back in 1948, guys.
Danielle Wayda

10 Months After Weinstein, #MeToo Legislation Is Still Stalled in Congress

The House and Senate are pitted against each other in disagreements over legislation aimed at curbing sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill.
Marie Solis
women in politics

A woman will finally represent Mississippi in Congress for the first time ever

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant will reportedly appoint state Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith to the Senate on Wednesday.
Carter Sherman

Bug Your Congressperson About Vital Issues With This Simple Widget

A Brooklyn arts organization set up a tool to call your representatives on repeat so you don't have to.
Aaron Barksdale
Rise Up

Here are Significant Standout Bipartisan Efforts of the Last Decade

Republicans and Democrats hate each other, but here are some instances of political decorum from the past decade that actually worked out in the end.
Molly Bangs
Communications Breakdown

Here's How Trump's FCC Is Threatening Your Free Speech

Open internet safeguards are essential in the age of Trump, lawmakers say.
Sam Gustin
gun control

Congress just voted to let mentally ill people own guns

Carter Sherman
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Republicans maintain control of both houses of Congress

Olivia Becker
VICE News Tonight on HBO

John Boehner talks to Shane Smith about Bernie, Hillary and Trump

The Hacks We Can't See

Why The US Government Needs a Cyber National Guard

Rep. Will Hurd explains what the US government needs to do to improve its cyber defenses.
Will Hurd
2016 US election

John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz 'Lucifer in the Flesh,' a 'Miserable Son of a Bitch'

On the day Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his running mate, the former speaker of the House decided to take him down a peg during an appearance at Stanford University.
Sarah Mimms