Volume 20 Issue 11

    • 12.9.13

      Physical Singularity

      Photos from Japan by Ren Hang and Lu Yang.

    • 12.4.13

      Employees of the Month

      When Christopher Ketcham started talking to whistleblowers about child sex abuse and those who cover it up in New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, the lifelong atheist and Brooklynite might have been horrified, but he wasn’t exactly surprised.

    • 12.3.13

      Romanians Are Slaughtering Packs of Stray Dogs

      In early September, stray dogs attacked and killed a four-year-old child near a park in Bucharest, Romania. That incident highlighted one of the biggest problems facing the capital city today, where about 64,000 ownerless canines roam the streets.

    • 12.2.13

      The Fresh Prince of Chiraq

      We’re at Studio 11 in downtown Chicago, talking to a Def Jam A&R guy named Sickamore. He is calmly overseeing the tumultuous career of Lil Durk, a 20-year-old rapper who’s currently encased in one of the studio’s glass vocal booths, a Gucci scarf...

    • 12.1.13

      GG Allin and Son

      One day, GG Allin took his son to the park. They started tossing some shit around, and, well, things got really messy when shit hit someone in the face.

    • 11.28.13

      Deep-Fried America on a Stick

      For 11 days in August, a total of 1,012,552 visitors passed through the turnstiles at State Fair Park in West Allis, a suburb of Milwaukee. They came for deep-fried cookie-dough fondue on a stick, deep-fried peanut butter and jelly on a stick, deep...

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    • 11.22.13

      "Thank You" - A Short Story by Alejandro Zambra

      Alejandro Zambra is one of our favorite living writers. His first book, Bonsai, won the Chilean Critics' Award for Best Novel of the Year in 2006. We first read his work when Farrar, Straus and Giroux published Ways of Going Home in 2013.

    • 11.21.13

      Black-Gold Blues - The Hazards and Horrors of the Makeshift Oil Industry in Rebel-Held Syria

      For four decades, the al-Assad regime (first run by Hafez, and now by his son Bashar) struck deals with Western oil companies like Shell and Total that resulted in the extraction of as much as 27,000 barrels of black gold from the sand every day.

    • 11.20.13

      Argentines Need Dollars

      Argentina’s economy is in trouble. Thanks to President Cristina Kirchner’s protectionist policies, trade with other countries is restricted, inflation is high, and there is a shortage of dollars both in the government’s foreign-currency reserves and on...