Volume 20 Issue 6

    • 7.11.13


      Listening to this album is the closest I'll ever come to the feeling of standing on the bow of a yacht, bowlegged in basketball shorts, with my majestic erection penetrating the ocean breeze.

    • 7.8.13

      Bitches Be Writing: A History

      The first important modern writer with a vagina emerged out of nowhere, with an exaggerated, hyperbolic diary she called Pride and Prejudice, written when she was just 21 years old. As a result, universities all over the place now have feminist...

    • 7.8.13

      'Kama Sutra' Spells You Can Use

      Like many works of ancient literature, The Kama Sutra can be read a few different ways: you can view it as a window into the mind-set and customs of a long-departed culture, or you can take it to be a straightforward how-to guide to pretzel sex...

    • 7.5.13

      Out of the Pens of Babes

      Most writers have been honing their craft since they were old enough to think. In their early years, they produced the same adorable, odd pieces of writing you'd expect from kids who don’t understand the world. Here's a selection of unedited writing...

    • 7.3.13


      We sat in the recliners. I ate the cheesecake and my uncle ate the carrot cake. We watched the end of a movie called While You Were Sleeping. Then my uncle emptied his colostomy bag, while I sent that cheesecake down the toilet. I drank some...

    • 7.2.13

      White Trash

      I didn’t mean to make a baby with Scott in the closet, on ecstasy, the floor pulsing to the bass of the house music, strobe lights flickering through the crack under the door. Back rubs with agendas were happening everywhere. When I got pregnant, the...

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    • 7.1.13

      Case Study 2: Recognition of the Self

      When Christopher arrived for his first assessment he was not like a normal eight-year-old boy. When he spoke he used a fascinating mode of verbal communication, lacking the personal pronoun, and transposing “I” with “we.” “We want to go back to Lea...

    • 6.24.13


      Last night, when the party was winding down and the group gathered to play Werewolf, Claire’s feet and hands began to sweat. And yet she announced to Hal, just loud enough for the circle of players to hear, that she was scared to death of being chosen...

    • 6.23.13

      The Collectors

      You know how you go to a barber school for a cheap haircut only to learn you'll be worse off than when you were before and you'll have to go to an expensive salon just to repair the damage? Well, take it from me, watch out for the dental schools.

    • 6.20.13

      Candy with Knives

      Candice took a lot of drugs, but it had been a very long time since any of them came without the approval of the DEA. Sometimes for fun she pinched her thumb and pointer finger together as if holding a joint, put them to her lips, and inhaled slowly...

    • 6.19.13

      Employees of the Month

      A. L. Major is a recent graduate of the Helen Zell Writers’ Program at the University of Michigan. She is currently working on her novel Dismantle the Sun. She won a Hopwood and the Geoffrey James Gosling Prize for her work.

    • 6.19.13


      I suppose it was in Korea where I learned to be alone, which was why during the second year at home, I went to the retreat house to return to aloneness there. The house was so cold on the first night that the bottle of olive oil in the kitchen cabinet...