Hurricane Dorian Could Pose a Historic Threat to Kennedy Space Center

The forecast is still uncertain, but one possibility is a landfall right near the historic spaceport. NASA isn’t taking any chances.


California Could Be on the Brink of Its Worst-Ever Wildfire Season

2018 inflicted a wave of devastating fires on the state. Now experts are warning 2019 could be a repeat.


The Bizarre Weather Science Behind Greenland’s Record Melting

Natural cycles can make Greenland more prone to melting. Climate change is tipping the scales.


Water Shortages, Murder, and Chaos: The Grim Future of Heat Waves

Climate change means a hotter—and more violent—planet.


Stop Complaining About Humidity, It's Actually Amazing

Humidity is your hot, horny friend.


A "Wedge" Tornado in Missouri Tore Buildings Apart: "We Used to Have a Balcony"

Three people died in another tornado that hit the state.


People Write Petty Restaurant Reviews When the Weather Is Bad, Study Says

People being petty on the internet? You don't say!


Fuck, the Fucking 'Bomb Cyclone' Is Back

The middle of the country is about to get rocked by some seriously bad weather.


23 dead after massive tornado rips through rural Alabama — and the death toll is expected to rise

"It looks like someone took a giant knife and scraped the ground," one county sheriff said.


Please Don't Let Your Tiny Dog Blow Away in the Wind

The National Weather Service just issued a "small dog warning" for the Cleveland area, where winds have reached upward of 50 MPH.


Very Good Human Gets Hotel Rooms for 70 Homeless During Chicago's Storm

"We’re thrilled they’re safe and warm, at least for a few days."


'Froggy News and the Weather,' Today's Comic by Benny Montero

Friends snuggle up to watch the news in this adorable comic by Benny Montero.