What Is the iPhone?

What Is the iPhone?

Everything That’s Inside Your iPhone

Silicon, arsenic, gold, and the social and environmental effects of backbreaking mining.
Brian Merchant
What Is the iPhone?

Siri Is Not 'Genderless'

Siri is the culmination of decades of feminized emotional labour.
Julia Dyck
What Is the iPhone?

How I Discovered the First Big Mobile Privacy Scandal

That smartphones can track our every movement seems obvious today, but in 2011 we weren't quite used to the idea.
Alasdair Allan
What Is the iPhone?

Apple’s Long History of Rejecting 'Objectionable Content’ From the App Store

This is the story of technology’s most important walled garden.
Louise Matsakis
What Is the iPhone?

7 iPhone Apps that Help Me with my ADHD

You might think the iPhone is a big distraction, but with the right apps it helps me stay on target.
Jordan McMahon
What Is the iPhone?

Apple’s Third Co-Founder Has Never Used an iPhone and Has No Regrets

83-year-old Ronald G. Wayne designed Apple’s first logo and cashed out his 10 percent share for just $800. But he would do it again in a heartbeat.
Madeline Moitozo

The iPhone Is an Ideal Machine for Exerting Intellectual Property Control

Apple’s control over the iPhone means that consumers will continue to have more of an ongoing relationship with Apple than nearly any other company.
James Hayes
What Is the iPhone?

Society Has Turned the Shattered iPhone Screen Into a Mark of Shame

Why should we adapt to fragile technology, instead of demanding unbreakable screens?
Ashwin Rodrigues

iPhone Bugs Are Too Valuable to Report to Apple

For now, security researchers who have been invited by Apple to submit high-value bugs through the program prefer to keep the bugs for themselves.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Apple Has Been Struggling with the Stylus for 20 Years

Nearly 20 years before Apple popularized the tablet computer, it created a series of prototype devices that in some ways operate closer to the modern-day iPad Pro than the machine it actually released in 2010.
Ernie Smith
What Is the iPhone?

Radio Motherboard Live: What Is the iPhone?

Listen to the Motherboard crew discuss the inner workings of the iPhone on this week's podcast.
Caroline Haskins
What Is the iPhone?

The Environmental Case for the iPhone

They're barely recyclable, we unnecessarily upgrade them, and they take tons of natural resources to make ... they also mark unexpected environmental progress.
Adam Minter