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19 juni 2007, 4:30am

vier jaar lang waren er maar drie groepen waar ik iets om gaf.
Toevallig begonnen hun namen allemaal met de letter B - The Beatles,
Blur en Bis. Die pre-puberale
tot vroege tienertijd is trouwens een heel belangrijke periode. Hij
heeft zo zijn invloed op de latere jaren...

Toen ik hoorde dat Bis drie reünie-optredens gepland had om het
tienjarig bestaan van hun eerste album te vieren, wilde ik deze kans
niet laten liggen om mijn jeugdidolen te interviewen...

Vice: Was everyone up for the anniversary shows then?
Steven: John was pretty reluctant about the idea of more shows at first. He took some persuading.

Steven: I don't know. I think he's probably
marginally ashamed... I was going to elaborate on that, but I think
that actually covers it.

Are you guys aware of the Bis renaissance that seems to be happening?
John: Well at the moment it's cooler to like Bis than it has ever been.

Exactly, why is that?
John: I think musically it's
so different now. There's bands that are around at the moment, that
because of their look and sound have meant it's much less work for us
this time out. People who were into us at the time are now of the age
that they are making a go of it, so you've got bands like CSS and The
Automatic who we were amazed to find out were Bis fans.

You weren't really part of any scene really, were you?
No, not at all. I think that was an issue for us too. We put together a
sound with no explicit reference points. I mean there was elements of
the riot grrl thing, elements of Blur, elements of 2-tone and elements
of dance music, but we never considered what was working in the charts.
We didn't make a great deal of sense at the time, but weirdly we do

Maybe you should make another go of it?
Steven: We're too old. We were thinking of maybe getting an S-Club Juniors-esque franchise band.
Manda: Timing was always our problem.
Steven: Aye, we were ten years too early, or fifteen years too late. But if a label offers us proper money, you never know.

What do you hope the band's legacy will be?
I think it's just nice to be remembered fondly. In the months running
up to these gigs we received so many emails from people saying what we
meant to people growing up, and that to me is amazing. Bands that stay
with you through your life are very rare.