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Fallulah is Back and Bubblegum-Smacking Through America in "Social Club"

The new single from Fallulah is sickly sweet in the best possible way.

Well-renowned Danish/Romanian singer/songwriter vixen Fallulah is taking her moxie to America after having signed with Richard Gottehrer's Instant Records. With her creative juices left to simmer over the guidance of legendary manager Scott Cohen, it's no surprise Fallulah is kicking more ass than ever in "Social Club", her newest single peppered with the same devil-may-care fire of a young Joan Jett.

Having entranced the Danish music scene with her first two albums The Black Cat Neighbourhood (2010) and Escapism (2013) going platinum and being recognized with a Danish Radio P3 Gold Award (2011), Fallulah joins the likes of Mø as the latest Danish force to take her bitchslapping, party-starting formula international.

Fallulah wrote "Social Club" in one go in LA, inspired by a raw instrumental guitar riff played for her by her friend Max from MS MR. Produced with the help of Liam Howe (Lana Del Rey, Marina & The Diamonds), "Social Club" is as punchy and pop as it is authentic and true to Fallulah's folkloric roots.

Pom-poms, shaker fries, asses; if you got 'em, shake 'em to this no-bullshit single from Fallulah—and watch as "Bubblegum SMACK!" edges out Beyoncé's "Surfboard" as the sassiest diva one-liner on the block.

"Social Club" is the first single off of Fallulah's upcoming third album, set to drop sometime around the start of 2016.