Fiction Issue

  • The Ransom of Samantha

    A story from Merrill Markoe, who was the first head writer for The David Letterman Show.

  • Fan Fiction

    New fiction from Benjamin Nugent.

  • Employees of the Month

    Our 2014 fiction issue features new work by David Mamet, Michel Gondry, James Franco and many others we love.

  • Bungalow 89 - A Short Story by James Franco

    It's where I first met Gus Van Sant, and where I have been living for the past nine months.

  • Out of the Pens of Babes

    Unedited writing from up-and-coming young authors – from when they were much younger.

  • Malibu

    We sat in the recliners. I drank coffee. Sometimes I stuck my finger down my throat.