Vi frågade en tågmålare varför det målas så mycket i Stockholm just nu

Något har hänt i Stockholm. Under hösten har pendeltåg efter pendeltåg målats med graffiti.
VICE Staff

Det slutar aldrig vara 'Kul att det körs'

Per Englunds samling av tags är en dokumentation av hur Stockholm ständigt är i förändring.
Caisa Ederyd

Hur Tokyo kom att bli Asiens Mecka för graffiti

Jag åkte runt med en av stadens mest prominenta gatukonstnärer för att lära mig mer om Japans graffitikultur från insidan.
Ray Mock
saker som inte får hända

Jag förstörde Banksys råtta

Med hjälp av en langare, en idiot till rumskompis och en polsk byggarbetare.
Evelyn Lilo

Inside One Woman's Impossible Quest to Catalogue a Decade of Street Art

Before Instagram made photography about validation, street art snappers would just pull on their shoes, head out and see what gems they could find.
Ray Mock
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The Cleanup of Detroit Has Erased Graffiti History

I was shocked when I drove through Detroit earlier this year: the best graffiti had been covered in blotchy grey and white paint. What happened to the one-time graf mecca?
Ray Mock
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How Tokyo Became Asia’s Graffiti Capital

In most of Asia, the practice of illegal bombing has been around for less than a decade. Tokyo, however, is an exception. I went out with one of the city's longest-active and most prominent vandals to get an inside look at Japanese graff.
Ray Mock
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What It's Like to Overcome Tension and Rivalry in Bangkok's Graffiti Scene

Welcome to the city where you can paint graffiti on the side of a busy street, in broad daylight without permission, and no one bats an eyelid.
Ray Mock
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I Went Bombing with Hong Kong's Biggest Graffiti Writers

Our graffiti columnist linked up with XEME and YUMOH, who, by all accounts, are considered the most active and well-connected writers in the city.
Ray Mock

John Divola's Artistic Vandalism Is Still Fresh After 40 Years

As he nears 70, the legendary LA-based artist reflects on his past work, which included spraying symbols inside abandoned buildings and taking photos of dogs as they chased his car in the desert.
Jonathan Blaustein
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What Happens When a Legendary Graffiti Writer Grows Up

SKUF YKK, who achieved fame for his style and the ubiquity of his work in New York City, has transcended the beefs of his youth to become an elder statesman of sorts.
Ray Mock

From Graffiti to Drum 'n' Bass: Talking Tags and Tech with Goldie

Goldie, arguably the most famous drum 'n bass and jungle producer ever to do it, just launched a graffiti app called ARTA. He wants it to honour the tradition and history of tagging, while modernising its culture.
Zach Sokol