• India's Deadly Air

    India is challenging China for most toxic air in the world.

  • Inside India's Temple of Holy Rats

    Worshippers believe the 20,000 or so rats, which live inside the temple, are reincarnated descendants of a Hindu goddess.

  • An Interview with India's Most Wanted Cartoonist

    Aseem Trivedi faced a lifelong prison sentence for his drawings slamming corruption in his country. We spoke to him about the power cartoonists can yield, and why governments are trying harder and harder to silence them.

  • Documenting the Secret Lives of India's LGBTQ Youth

    In a new book, two photographers explore and celebrate queer culture in India, including the gay men who were forced to get married and have children while cruising in secrecy.

  • Even Those Trying to Save the Ganges From Sewage Insist on Bathing in it

    India's Ganges River is one of the most heavily polluted bodies of water on the planet. Yet a myth endures that bathing in it, or drinking it, is completely safe.

  • Mustafah Abdulaziz Travelled the World Looking for Water

    To mark the UN's World Water Day I caught up with the photographer to talk about his latest project, which looks at how different cultures perceive water, the exploitation this leads to and the challenges we face to preserve our planets most vital...