My Strange Afternoon Among Angry Anti-Fascists Waiting for the KKK to Show Up

Protesters, including some anti-fascists itching for a fight, were prepared for the KKK to arrive in Danville, North Carolina. But the Klan never showed.


The Most Racist Thing My Parents Ever Did

Not every lesson learned from mom and dad is valuable.


We Got a First Look at Anonymous' List of Alleged KKK Members

The hacktivist group bragged about taking the "hoods off" hundreds of Klansmen, but one KKK leader said that he wasn't too bothered by the data dump.


Anonymous Says It Just Outed a Bunch of Members of the Ku Klux Klan

Dozens of email addresses and phone numbers the online hacktivist collective claims are affiliated with the KKK are making the rounds.


​Smiling Faces, Terrible Racists: The Dangerous Culture of White Possession in the Carolinas

The horrific murders are tragic, but they're not surprising. You could even say they're just the latest in South Carolina's long history of violence and hate.


New Year's Resolutions for Racists in 2015

White supremacists have New Year's resolutions, too. Most of them involve the subjugation of minorities. Also, puppies.


The KKK and American Veterans - Part Three

"We're currently in one of the hottest periods of extremist activity that I've seen in my 20-year career," one expert says. According to him today's KKK makes past organisation look like a "kindergarten picnic."


The Ku Klux Klan Is Boosting Its Numbers by Recruiting Veterans

"People have called us the Taliban. In some ways we can relate."


The KKK Is Using Candy to Lure New Recruits

Ku Klux Klansmen in South Carolina are using sweets and anti-immigration propaganda to bring in new recruits. But in an era of open-carry protests and border militias, the country's most notorious costumed racists are struggling to keep up.


This Week in Racism - The Fourth of July Is America's Day Off from Racism

In honor of our nation's birthday, I'm focusing instead on racism in other countries—the racist Australian caught on tape using slurs against a Chinese woman, a KKK flag in Belfast, and of course, Rob Ford. USA! USA! USA!


The Hangover News

This weekend, Asda sold wearable England flags that look like KKK robes.