• Afraid of the Dark

    To defeat my fear, I went to the Swedish province of Småland and lived in a secluded hut in the forest for three weeks.

  • A Gift From Guantanamo Bay

    'VICE' correspondent Gianna Toboni tells us about the Qur'an she was given by a former Guantanamo Bay guard.

  • ​The October Issue of VICE Magazine Is Now Online

    This month you'll find stories about a group of reporters being murdered for covering the destruction of Cambodia's forests; a profile of Phoebe Robinson from of '2 Dope Queens'; and an interview with NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake.

  • Land of Black Milk

    Vienna-based photographer Stefanie Moshammer's new photo series applies her penchant for capturing colorful glimpses of a city going through transformation.

  • The Origins of an Impostor: JT LeRoy's First Story

    Read the first story written by the pseudonymous author who scandalized the literary establishment.

  • Figuring Out the Freelance Economy

    Could new technology make the lives of freelancers less lonely and more secure?