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VIDEO: Barnen som lever utanför könsnormerna

Vi åker till Örebro där vi träffar en familj som väljer att leva utanför samhällets könsnormer.


The Faux Documentary That 'Proves' Kubrick Faked the Moon Landing

VICE sits down with 'Operation Avalanche' director Matt Johnson and his team to discuss the new movie and their unorthodox approach to filmmaking.


How Narcissists Took Over the World

In the latest episode of 'Chosen Ones', Gavin Haynes investigates how narcissism became the psychological disorder du jour.


Cash for Kim: North Korean Forced Labourers Are Working to Their Death in Poland

VICE was able to speak with North Korean forced labourers in Poland and reveal the conscious and unwitting beneficiaries of their exploitative working conditions.


Watch: Kenny Hotz Trolls the US Presidential Race

VICE sent Canadian comedian and actor Kenny Hotz to the Florida primary to cover what is undoubtable the most carnivalesque western election of all time.


I Got Drunk and Joined Guatemala’s Wasted Horse Race

​​Every year, the Mayan villagers in Todos Santos throw a wild, week-long rager ending in a drunken—sometimes deadly—horse race.


Watch Our Interview with the Patriotic Preteen Girls Singing Donald Trump's Praises

VICE travels to Florida to catch up with the USA Freedom Kids—a preteen girl group spreading Trump-style American pride with their songs.


The Young Men That Are Trapped in a Vicious Circle of Sex, Addiction and Dependence

Chemsex: the name given to the rising phenomenon which refers to the use of drugs in a sexual context.


How Pablo Escobar's Legacy of Violence Drives Today's Cartel Wars - Part 1

In part one of our three-part documentary, we meet two DEA agents who spent years on the trail of the elusive king of cocaine and became the basis for Netflix's show, 'Narcos.'


'Cartel Land': Coming Full Circle

VICE spent the day with filmmaker Matthew Heineman during his first visit back to Mexico since the making of his unflinching documentary Cartel Land.


Welcome to Broadly

VICE's new women's interest channel, with a focus on original reporting and documentary video, is launching on the 3rd of August. Here's a sneak peek at what's to come.


Prison Tennis, Cambo and Riff Raff's Diet: Latest on VICE

The backwoods of Alabama with Cambo, diamond mining in the Central African Republic, the weight gain diet with Riff Raff and tennis with inmates.