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The Showstopper

Shawn Valentino is the self-styled international playboy who believes there is a ladykilling superhero inside of all of us.

Shawn Valentino is The Showstopper: a self-styled international playboy who believes he can unleash the ladykilling superhero inside all of us.

VICE's Clive Martin travels to Amsterdam to meet the self-confessed womaniser, who laid out his mantra in the seminal romantic text The Showstopper Lifestyle: The Man's guide to Ultra-Hot Women, Unlimited Power, and Ultimate Freedom… That Women Should Read Too!

On a night out with Shawn in the city's Red Light District, Clive attempts to learn the secrets of picking up women. Turns out all you really need are some massive sunglasses, a deep V and an unswerving faith in weird advice.