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Watch Taylor Swift's Video For "New Romantics" Because It'll Be Impossible to Avoid

Watch this video about Taylor and read a story about love.
Jabbari Weekes
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Taylor Swift Gets Interviewed by Ryan Adams and the Singularity Is Complete

Let's "break the internet."
Eric Sundermann
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Taylor Swift Earned So Much Money This Year, She Makes Jay Z, Diddy, and Dre Look Like Chumps

What a time to be alive (if you're Taylor Swift)!!!!
Ryan Bassil
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Father John Misty Covers Ryan Adams Covering Taylor Swift But Does so In the Style of Lou Reed

"My ongoing tribute to the classic Ryan Adams album 1989."
Kim Taylor Bennett
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Listen to Ryan Adams' Cover of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"

Now we've got mad love.
John Hill
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Science Says YouTube Is Growing Faster Than All Other Music Streaming Platforms Combined

More than 76 billion music video streams were delivered in the first half of 2015.
Andrea Domanick
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Watch Taylor Swift's New Video for "Wildest Dreams"

Taylor's a movie star!
Kyle Kramer
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You Know That Thing Where Taylor Swift Brings All Her, Like, Total BFFs On Stage? Well Now This…

"Please welcome to the stage, the hologram of Maya Angelou!"
Emma Garland
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Ryan Adams is Covering Taylor Swift's '1989' In Full!

"Guaranteed saddest version of 'Welcome to New York' ever - or your tears back."
Noisey Staff
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Taylor Swift's '1989' World Tour Is Engineered to Be the Best Night of Your Life, and It Is

Taylor Swift is my best friend, Taylor Swift is your best friend, and Taylor Swift's '1989' World Tour cements her as the icon of our generation.
Eric Sundermann
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Taylor Swift is Handing Out Fat Cheques to Superfans to Pay for Their Student Loans

Have your debts become unmanageable? Try contacting your nearest pop star.
Joe Zadeh

Gay Men Declare Taylor Swift the Queen of Pop

For years, gay men and many pop fans have ignored Taylor Swift, but her first official pop album '1989' has led many gay men to consider her the new queen of pop.
Mitchell Sunderland