"19 år er ungt – men ikke for ungt"

Victor Wellejus fra Aarhus ved godt, at folk (læs: mig) synes, det er vildt at blive far i hans alder. Det synes han ikke selv.


What to Do with a Baby in the Water

Babies spend nine months floating around in amniotic fluid, so their swim game is, as the French say, on fleek.


My Struggles with IVF: It's Not About Failure – It's About Hope

At 32, the last place I expected to find myself was in an operating room, conked out on anaesthetic with a lubricated ultrasound probe and an egg-retrieval needle passed through my vagina. But here I am.


We Asked a Mohel About Changing Attitudes Toward Circumcision

Rabbi Meir Sultan is a foreskin's worst nightmare.


The Scandal of the Doctors Who Upload Selfies Taken Next to Women's Vaginas During Childbirth

Doctors in Venezuela have been behaving abominably on Instagram.


A Man Has Been Trying to Sell a Baby to Strangers in the Street

Makes you think, doesn't it? Like: How much does a three-month-old baby cost to buy, cash-in-hand?


I Froze My Eggs, Ended Up in the ER and Almost Lost an Ovary

Three days after I took charge of my reproductive future, I woke in a cold sweat, dry-heaving in pain. Less than .025 percent of women who freeze their eggs end up with ovarian torsions: Lucky me.


The 'Hidden' Illness of Post-Natal Depression

Over 250,000 new mothers experience perinatal mental illness each year in Britain. So why did I find it so hard to get help?


Babies Behind Bars

100 babies are born in prisons in England and Wales each year, yet there's no universal standard for what prisons have to provide for pregnant women – in extreme cases, some have been left to clean their cell after miscarrying.


Things You Learn When You Become a Dad for the First Time

When you're part of a generation of questionably-dressed, overdraft-plundering adult babies, it's hard to believe you'll ever be able to grow up enough to be a dad. But you can, even when it's really shit.


Will Wearing Makeup During a Pregnancy Make Your Baby Stupid?

You also could be potentially screwing your kid up if you eat cheese, sleep on your back, or go in a hot tub while pregnant.


Mucus Plugs and Bumholes: The Secrets of a Young Midwife

If you're about to give birth any time soon, rest assured – they've seen, and been covered in, it all before.