Internetvideoer af særlig betydning

Se den inspirerende dokumentar om Skeptas Homecoming Festival i Nigeria

For andet år i træk var Skepta vært på Homecoming Festival i Lagos. Hans søster, Julie Adenuga fra Beats 1, var med for at dokumentere det hele.
Noisey Staff

En malaysisk kyllingeret i Masterchef førte til raceladet kontrovers

De hvide dommere i den britiske udgave af programmet fortalte malaysiskfødt deltager, at hendes traditionelle malaysiske kylling rendang var "en fejl".
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Is There Really a Media Blackout on Sikh Deaths in India?

Over the weekend, Jagmeet Singh interrupted Sunday Morning Live to talk about the killings of two Sikh youths during a peaceful protest, sparking online fury about a lack of media coverage. I had a chat with Singh about the complaints.
سامانثا ريا
Chemsex Week

Meeting the Drug-Addicted Male Escorts Pressured to Take Mephedrone and GHB at Chemsex Parties

We talked to some British male escorts about the popularity of GHB, mephedrone and crystal meth at gay sex parties, and how they're expected to take these drugs as part of their jobs.
Chris Godfrey
VICE vs Video games

Meeting Ian Hamilton, One Man Championing Gaming for the Disabled

This isn't just a job – it's a mission to spark lasting cultural change.
Kirk Mckeand

A Post-Match Analysis of the BBC's Bill Turnbull Saying "Cunt" Live on TV This Morning

The news reader's gaffe will go down in Vine history.
Joel Golby
Breaking News

Never Mind The Buzzcocks has been Cancelled After 28 Series. Thank God.

By the end it was just another toothless light entertainment format.
Sam Wolfson

An Interview with Louis Theroux

We spoke to the filmmaker about how he evolved from the laugh-heavy oddness of Weird Weekends to sensitive, important investigations into mental health and transgender politics.
Eleanor Morgan

Jeremy Clarkson Is the UK's Only Real Rock Star

He might be a dick, but that's more than you say for anyone in Clean Bandit.
Luke Holland

Why Are the Indian Authorities Still Banning a Documentary About the Country's Rape Problem?

This morning a court ruling prolonged the ban on India's Daughter, a BBC documentary about rape in India. But the longer it lasts, the more people will talk about it.
Laya Maheshwari

Jeremy Clarkson and the War on British Dads

Your dad is tired. He's stuck in a future that doesn't want him. Everything he likes is lame, everything he does is boring, everything he says is problematic. All he wants is to live inside Jeremy Clarkson's brain.
Joe Bish

Jeremy Clarkson Has Been Suspended from the BBC After a ‘Fracas’

Your dad's probably gutted.
Joel Golby