Buenos Aires


Sådan er det at blive sagsøgt af sin egen tjener

Jeg har det som om, vi er blevet afpresset helt lovligt.


Her er pizzakæden, der hader sig selv

En argentinsk pizzakæde ved navn Ugi’s har haft succes med at bruge en temmelig grov SoMe-strategi. Og kunderne elsker det.


Why Is Russia Trading Warplanes for Beef?

You don't often see major powers bartering food staples for weapons systems, but the recent move by Vladimir Putin is actually a savvy bit of strategic thinking.


Why Has the Governor of Buenos Aires Declared a State of Security Emergency?

There's been a spate of deadly vigilante justice recently, but there could be more at play here than that.


One Day in Argentina's Meltdown

When Argentina's football fans destroyed Buenos Aires.


If This Car Could Talk

All sorts of things can happen in the back of an electric blue limo in Buenos Aires.


Smoke Paco and Become One of the Walking Dead

Paco is a potpourri of cocaine waste, rat poison, kerosene and industrial solvents.


The Underwater Tourist Town

In Villa Epecuen, it's customary for guests to stay in an old slaughterhouse that smells of the sea.