This Journalist Spoke to Chechens Living in the Shadow of War

We spoke to French-English journalist Manon Loizeau, who recently went back to Chechnya years after the end of its devastating war to make a new documentary.


Trouble in the Tunnel: Fallout in Gaza – Part 2

In part two of 'Fallout in Gaza', VICE News correspondent Danny Gold visits the Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel to see what goods are being allowed into the Gaza Strip.


After a War, Still Living in Rubble: Fallout in Gaza – Part 1

VICE News returns to Israel and Gaza six months after last summer's devastating 50-day war to find tensions running high amid sluggish reconstruction efforts.


Skateboarding Makes Afghan Girls Feel Free

In Afghanistan, the Skateistan school uses skateboarding as a tool for empowerment in a country worn by 30 years of conflict.


Gibraltar's Online Gambling Boom Has Made It a Haven for British Expats

Unfortunately, it's also opened up the divide with an impoverished southern Spain.


A Fist In the Face of God Presents... Shallow Sanction

A new mixtape compiled by east London's finest post-punk band.


The Hangover News

This weekend, a guy walking around Essex in a gimp mask told everyone that he's a nice guy.


Johnny Ryan Made a Prison Pit Cartoon and He Hates My Guts

Johnny Ryan's semi-popular comic book saga is now an animated movie.


Masturbate for Peace: Hairy Palms, Not Cluster Bombs

Online peace protest by way of pledging autoeroticism.


We Let Yousef Munayyer Answer the Questions Sean Hannity Wouldn't

Yousef was shouted down on Fox News, leading to an internet spat involving Gaza and Russell Brand.


Britain's Jews Are Under Attack from Furious Pro-Palestine Campaigners

Hey anti-Semites, being Jewish doesn't mean you're automatically in favour of the atrocities in Gaza.