Watch Life Erode and Planets Implode in WHO IS LOUIS' New "Sun and Moon" Video

The Aarhus-based synth pop trio just dropped this undeniably pleasurable mindfuck of a video.


Kate Boy is Back with an Untamed Electro-Resurrection of "A Girl Like You"

The Aussie/Swedish electro-pop duo has Frankenstein'ed a 90's Edwyn Collins track into a hard-thumping, fist-pumping beast.


PREMIERE: I Am Karate - "Bitter"

The new single from the Swedish electro pop duo makes being angry and bitter sound like a fun idea.


LCMDF Strikes Out at Finland's Heavy Metal Patriarchy With a New Electro-Pop Anthem, "Rookie"

"I'm so done with the metal scene / I'm so done with the dudes who think they're better than me!"


​Phèdre's Video for Tivoli Will Bend Your Brain

Happy Monday! Hope you're not hungover!


Taking the Temperature of Tel Aviv's Insanely Eclectic Music Scene

Amidst the intense heat and the ever-shifting political tides, Israel's second largest metropolis heaves with musical talent of all genres.


Hør danske LISS' groovy debutsingle, "Try"

Er du lidt for stiv til de bløde sing-along tracks, men samtidig alt for ædru til at smide Die Antwoord på og gå i rave-mode? Bare rolig –LISS har dig.


Young Empires Announce Heavier, Darker “Haute-Rock” Debut Full-Length Album

The Toronto electro-pop group that met on Craigslist talk about the pressures of living up to their second project ever, due out September 4th.


Calm Down with Elohim's "Xanax"

Little is known about this LA-based singer, but her second ever song is super chill.


Is Thor Rixon's "Fuk Bread" Your New Gluten Free Anthem?

The answer is no because being gluten free is a bummer, but this South African artist's video is rad and weird in all the right ways.


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Tel Aviv electro-pop duo give the psych-pop troubadour a trap-tastic remix.


This Is Who Shamir Is

We join the 20-year-old Vegas native in London to talk pop, perceptions, prom, astrology, androgyny, and much, much more.