10 spørgsmål

10 spørgsmål du altid har haft lyst til at stille en hooligan

Det er snart tid til VM, og derfor går vi i dybden med en hooligan for at finde ud af, hvorfor de elsker at slås.
Nik Afanasjew

Kasper bluffede sig til en ADHD-diagnose for at få Ritalin

Vi snakkede med en dansker, som via en psykiater fik adgang til det amfetaminlignende lægemiddel Ritalin, selvom han ikke havde brug for det.
Andreas Digens
organiseret kriminalitet

Det ensomme liv som HA-stikker

Vi talte med Dave Atwell, som er det højest rangerede medlem af Hells Angels, der nogensinde har stukket klubben. I dag er han i vidnebeskyttelsesprogrammet.
Mack Lamoureux

These Are Lars Ulrich's Truths

We spoke to the often controversial Metallica drummer about the band's hard-charging new album, the dangers of staying frozen in time, and death.
Kim Kelly

We Interviewed Kyla, the UK Funky Queen Who Became a Drake Collaborator Overnight

“They didn’t even send us the song. It was just played to us over the phone during a meeting.”
Angus Harrison
VICE vs Video games

Pills, Poop and Pentagrams: In Conversation with Indie Gaming Legend Edmund McMillen

The man behind 'Super Meat Boy' and 'The Binding of Isaac' discusses the imminent release of 'Afterbirth', and much more.
Jonathan Beach
VICE vs Video games

Playing In the Dark: On Gaming’s Blind Protagonists

'Perception' and 'Beyond Eyes' are very different experiences connected by their protagonists' shared disability. We speak to their makers.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Imagining an Alternative Gaming History Where ‘Myst’ Was More Influential Than ‘DOOM’

How would today's gaming landscape be different if the first-person puzzler, not the gory shooter, was the most important game of the 1990s?
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

How Ocean Software Finally Made Movie-Licence Video Games Worth Playing

For years, games based on films were shit. But then came quite the sea change.
Ewen Hosie
VICE vs Video games

The VICE Gaming Verdict on ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’

With a million copies pre-ordered, there's no way 2015's biggest RPG can disappoint. Right?
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

We Asked Some Experts About the Sexual Undertones of 'Super Mario Bros.'

We speak to two folklore experts to better understand gaming's obsession with rescuing damsels in distress. Things get dark.
Jagger Gravning

Premiere: Feature - "Wisdom Teeth"

If Sabrina the Teenage Witch was in a punk band, this is the kind of video she would make.
Emma Garland