Sådan får du mere nydelse ud af dine brystvorter

Vejen til større nydelse ved brystvortestimulering er brolagt med glidecreme og cirkulære bevægelser med hånden.


Hvad er egentlig de videnskabelige fordele ved at onanere?

Verden har hårdt brug for, at der bliver forsket i, hvad der sker med kroppen og hjernen, når man gokker den af. Den smule psykologiske forskning, der findes, peger på, at det hæmmer angst og fremmer din fantasi.


Rain City Jacks Is Seattle's Premier Masturbation Club

It's like Fight Club but instead of punching, men are touching each others' peens. (And you can talk about it.)


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Is It Really Possible to Ruin Your Penis From Jerking Off Too Hard?

There's this idea floating around the internet that if you're having a hard time ejaculating during sex, you might have something called "Death Grip Syndrome."


NSA Song

Hello! We're the NSA! We're spying on every part of your life, but there's one thing we're really interested in.


I’ve Never Masturbated and I Feel Fine

It's not that I haven't thought about it. There are just an infinite number of things more interesting to me than sitting alone with my dick in my hand.


We Asked a Few Guys to Tell Us How They Masturbate

One guy we spoke to said the "hands-free fap" is something quite special, but a bit too much work when it comes to the clean-up.


Inside the Facebook of Sperm Donors

No sperm? No problem. The Known Donor Registry, a social networking site for free sperm, connects women with sperm donors who will go on to have some role in their kid's life.


Getting Paid to Jerk Off Isn’t All It's Cracked Up to Be

Sperm donation is an easy way to make money, but it'll make you feel judged, ruin your sex life and haunt you with the idea that you could have genetic offspring out there somewhere.


How to Be Happy As A Single Girl

Being a single, straight female isn't all about wiping away gin tears and screaming into the darkness.


Why Can't I Recycle My Vibrator?

You can't just drop it off into a mainstream recycling bin, and there aren't many programs that want to recycle the junk that touches your junk.