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Vi løfter sløret for de hemmelige detaljer om den længe ventede Arctic Monkeys-plade

Teori: 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' er et konceptalbum om Alex Turner, der vader rundt i LA med en ny accent.


Frank Ocean Releases His Long-Awaited New Album, ‘Blond’

His first album since ‘Channel Orange’ has finally arrived.


Stop All the Clocks, Fat White Family's New Single Is Massive

"Breaking Into Aldi" was written with Sean Lennon and that bloke from the Black Lips, and is a prerequisite to ram-raiding a supermarket.


This Is Why These Leaked Images of Frank Ocean's Magazine Are Probably Real

I've applied myself harder than I ever did in school to bring you, dear readers, the knowledge you need to make it through another day.


Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' Isn't Out, But Whatever: Here Are 20 Tracks That Played in His Livestream

If you're thirsty as hell, listen to these before they get removed.


Going into Battle with Stormzy Is Like Taking a Gun into a Nuclear War

That's the message the MC puts across on his latest track "Scary," which is a looming and chilling missive produced by Sir Spyro.


Radiohead's Manager Confirms Band Will Release New Album in June

"[It] will be like nothing like you've ever heard."


It's Here, We've Arrived: This Drake Monologue Is Peak Drake

In some ways, it's like 'Views' is going to be the final chapter in the great sociological experiment that has been Drake.


Please Andre 3000, I'm Begging You to Release a Solo Album

If a tweet from Chris Rock is to be believed, 3 Stacks might finally be on his way to save hip-hop from the gutter-end of Soundcloud wave rap with his consummate verse structures.