Osama Bin Laden


The Drawbacks Of Jihad: Meet The British Rapper Who Was Accused Of Glorifying Terrorism

Aki Nawaz has been involved in sieges in Gaza, met with jihadists and attempted to visit Bin Laden. In the UK, he couldn't go out in public for fear of abuse. Now he's releasing his seventh album as the cult multi-ethnic hip-hop outfit Fun-Da-Mental.


​What Osama bin Laden's Book Shelf Tells Us About the War for Our Minds

America wants to turn Osama bin Laden from a vague avatar of Evil into a human being.


Osama Bin Laden Loved Reading Conspiracy Theories and Noam Chomsky Books

A recently declassified partial list of materials seized in the raid that killed the terrorist leader reveals some of his preoccupations.


Veterans with PTSD Have Found Solace at the Sausage Castle Party House in Florida

"I get a sense of camaraderie here... It seems at the end of the day like a family."


A Short History of the Controversies and Violence That Have Dogged ‘Charlie Hebdo’

The French newspaper that was the victim of a horrific terrorist attack has been sued, threatened, and even bombed for publishing drawings of Muhammad.


Documenting the Next Generation of Drone Pilots

Tonje Hessen Schei's new film focuses on the expert video gamers being recruited to fly drones.


Finding Bergdahl - Part 4

Inside the search for the last prisoner of America’s longest war.


A Suicide Bomber Tried to Kill the Head of Afghanistan's High Peace Council

VICE News was the only news crew allowed through the police line to witness the aftermath.


Conspiracy News: Osama Not Buried at Sea!

According to some new WikiLeaks, the CIA flew his corpse to Delaware.


Why Is Osama bin Laden in a Barrel?

Look at this piece of crap. What does it mean?