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Aggressive Bonding: A Journey Into the Tragic History of 007 in Video Games

I got drunk and sort of accidentally bought pretty much every James Bond game I could, to see how they compare to the legendary 'GoldenEye 007'.


I’ll Never Love a Console Like I Loved My Original Xbox

It was a beast, bigger than me, but even when it broke down and my grades were slipping, I stuck by Microsoft's first games console.


Debating the Greatest Football Video Game of All Time

'Pro Evolution Soccer 2016' is out now and is, by all accounts, amazing. But no football game is better than 'Sensible Soccer', surely?


Imagining an Alternative Gaming History Where ‘Myst’ Was More Influential Than ‘DOOM’

How would today's gaming landscape be different if the first-person puzzler, not the gory shooter, was the most important game of the 1990s?


‘Super Mario Bros.’ Taught Me to Be the Best, and More Lessons from the Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo's famous plumber, celebrating his 30th anniversary, is a fairly good icon to follow in terms of improving your life.


On ‘Tekken 2’ at 20, and How It Illustrates Video Gaming’s Timid Progression

In the years since Namco's PlayStation fighter was released, video games look as if they've changed a lot. But they haven't.


Admitting My Addiction to ‘Age of Empires III’ Saved Me from Depression

The story of how my self-righteous gamer guilt transformed into a humbling lesson on being human.


I Asked a Biological Weapons Expert How Far Fetched Metal Gear Solid’s Genome Soldiers Really Are

Stanford's Dr Steven Block reveals that Hideo Kojima's PlayStation original was remarkably prescient in its presentation of future troops.


Learning to Fly: A Tribute to the Most-Hated Mission in ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’

I'm not saying that completing the game's flight school changed my life, but I'm not ruling it out.


Happy 20th Anniversary, Rayman, You Glorious Freak of Gaming

Ubisoft's odd little bundle of floating limbs debuted in September 1995, and despite some awful games along the way he remains relevant today.


‘Quest for Glory’ Was the Game That Taught Me Patience

The 'QFG' games still elicit a special, strange, internet 1.0 thrill in me, so I had to speak to its makers, Corey and Lori Ann Cole.


How the Games of ‘Rare Replay’ Laid the Groundwork For Some of Today’s Biggest Titles

A bunch of old-school games has gone to number one in the UK, and here are just some of the reasons why.