Er din universitetsuddannelse overhovedet noget værd, når robotterne kommer?

Ifølge eksperter vil en tredjedel af det globale jobmarked være automatiseret i 2030. Vi har spurgt to danske universiteter, hvordan de forbereder sig på det.


Den her 21-årige studerende har forvandlet sit kollegieværelse til en restaurant

Kitsanin Thanyakulsajja – som læser på universitetet i Amsterdam – serverer japansk omakase-menu med grillede kammuslinger og lakserogn.


Sober, Safe, and Focused: Meet the Teenagers of Reading 2016

“I’m not drinking and I don’t do any drugs. I don’t like the idea of never being able to have fun without the help of a substance when I’m older.”


Photos of Students Hanging Out on the Balconies of their Dorm Rooms

Florin Țepârdea photographs his neighbour's from his girlfriend's room on a Bucharest university campus.


A Student Was Accused of Being a Terrorist for Reading a Book About How to Counter Terrorism

Because if you want to find a terrorist, all you need to do is go to your local library.


​Here’s Everyone You’re Going to Meet During Your First Semester of College

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A Group of White Supremacists Is Promoting Itself on Canadian University Campuses

A group calling itself Students for Western Civilisation has been putting up posters vaguely reminiscent of World War II–era propaganda.


Armpit Fat, Salted Corpses and Missing Penises: The Life of a Medical Student

"The morgue is not really a space for political correctness."


How Borderline Personality Disorder Put an End to My Party Days

At the time I was suffering most from the mental illness, everyone from my friends to my GP failed to understand what was wrong with me. Here's how I got better.


The Weird Life of a Super Tutor: Teaching Mega-Rich Brats on Private Jets

Who wants £1000-an-hour to teach a rich Russian kid how to pass his A-levels?


This Canadian College Student Says He Was Kicked Out of the Dorms After a Suicide Attempt

James Rodriguez says the University of Toronto failed to accommodate his mental health issues.


This Is What It's Actually Like to Pay Your Way Through Uni with Sex Work

A new study reports that one in 20 British students have engaged in some kind of sex work – we talked to a few that have about their experiences.