Må Gud hjælpe os, nu er der et EDM-remix af Walmart Yodeling Child

Hvis Vorherre ikke er død, har han for længst vendt os ryggen.


This Video of Lit Performing in 1999 Is an Important Cultural Artifact of a Forgotten Time

Teenage girls, Drew Barrymore haircuts, biker bandanas, fist-pumping dads, pure enthusiasm, aviators, flames on shirts – this is a historical snapshot of a pop punk gig in the 90s.


Amazon løfter sløret for deres nye udbringningsdrone

Hør Jeremy Clarkson fortælle om Amazons nye 'mirakel' af en drone.


Cry-Baby of the Week: A Woman Drove Her Car Into a Couple Because They Took Her Parking Spot

This week: A woman hit a couple with her PT Cruiser in a Walmart car park because they stole her spot and a 90-year-old man was arrested for feeding the homeless.


Redface Is Just as Offensive as Blackface

Members of the Native American community are once again reminding the public that wearing a headdress is no more acceptable than dressing up in a sombrero, a yarmulke or a hijab.


Why Did a Black Man Get Gunned Down in Walmart for Carrying an Unloaded Air Rifle?

A month later, the death of John Crawford III at the hands of police still makes no damn sense.


A Factory Collapsed in Bangladesh On Wednesday

And 300 people were crushed to death.


Disasters Made in Bangladesh

We still don’t know how many workers were killed at the Tazreen Fashions factory on November 24, 2012.


Jamie Taete's Internet Landfill

The internet is the worst place in the world.


15 Minutes Of Fame

The last time VICE saw Gold Chains was in March. The hairy San Franciscan sex dwarf was scampering around a thickly carpeted VIP lounge with a cordless mic in his hand.