al qaeda

  • How the Shutdown Confused al Qaeda

    An intercepted conversation between two al Qaeda operatives confirmed what some have suspected for a long time: American politics is a joke. Even an organization known for suicide operations is baffled by the self-destructive tendencies of the US...

  • Translating the Tweets of Brainstorming Al Qaeda Fans

    Al Qaeda recently organized a Twitter hashtag session, encouraging supporters to shout out their own suggestions for this PR revamp. Cue loads of unfunny people lining up to take potshots at the bewildered terrorists.

  • Are American Drones Al Qaeda's Strongest Weapon in Yemen?

    Things are getting really messy in Yemen at the moment. With soldiers being murdered in their sleep and embassies closing en masse in fear of an imminent wave of attacks and multiple drone strikes, the country seems to be the latest sandbox full of...

  • Al Qaeda Prison Breaks Could Lead to a New Wave of Terror Attacks

    Over the past couple of weeks almost 2,000 inmates, including “hundreds of terrorists,” have escaped from prisons in Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan. The series of ultra-violent, highly organized attacks has the US scared, al Qaeda in Iraq celebrating, and a...

  • I Ate Ice Cream with a Member of al Qaeda in Syria

    A week ago, I got a call from one of my contacts to say that an al Qaeda fighter in Syria was willing to give me—a Western, female journalist—an interview. There were conditions: we would do the interview in a secret location, I would wear a headscarf...

  • Al Qaeda's Somalia Cell Is Fractured and Dangerous

    Al-Shabaab is the terrorist group that’s been periodically ravaging and ruling parts of Somalia for the past six years and, in 2012, officially became a subsidiary of al Qaeda. I had a sit-down with one of its alleged former soldiers.