• Lele Saveri Saw Some Weird Stuff Last Week at NYFW

    Last week, we attempted to show you all the madness, weirdness, and ridiculousness that was New York Fashion Week by way of our constantly updated NYFW photo blog. Silly us, we should have known bettter. Clearly, the best way to see just how insane...

  • Fashion Week Sucks Balls

    Thanks to my job, I've been going to various fashion weeks for a few years now. Usually, when friends find out I'm going, they start begging for invites and guest-list spots for parties and free goodie bags (or something—I've pretty much stopped...

  • Hey Dame B, Who Are You Hoping to Bump into During Fashion Week?

    Who attends these fashion shows? I mean, besides the celebs and models? The answer is rich bastards and wealthy old broads, like this month's guest columnist: Dame Ms. Astler-Bancussi-Freitog!

  • Brooke Candy Wants to Fuck Right Now

    You just want Fashion Week and all the models to go away so life, work, and social media can finally go back to the way they used to be. It takes a while for the numbness to disappear, and in order to help speed up the thawing process, we've decided to...

  • What Did You Eat Today?

    How do the waifs nourish themselves to withstand the dressing, undressing, strutting, and running around of New York Fashion Week? And what are the rest of us munching on to have the energy to crash all those parties and stare in silence at tons of...

  • What Kind of Underwear Are You Wearing Right Now?

    You might have to do some awful job for eight hours a day, you may be forced to put on a stifling, corporatation-mandated uniform while doing it, but goddamn it, no one can stop you from wearing some freaky day-glo leopard jockstrap underneath.